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Today is it!!  Our 4th wedding anniversary!!!  I honestly cannot believe it!  We’ve been together for 9 years and sometimes it feels like forever – I can’t remember my life before I knew Chad!  And other times, it seems like just yesterday that we were planning our wedding – crazy!  That’s life I guess 🙂

Here is a picture of us last night having our picnic by the lake:


And the view:

It was SO nice out – a perfect day for our outing!!

Afterwards we stopped and got ice cream (!!!) and went home, took Baylee for a walk, and then sat down and watched a movie.  We got P.S. I Love You.  Normally Chad HATES chick flicks with a passion and will not watch them – I guess I can’t blame him – but last night he said I could pick out whatever movie I wanted!  It was really good!  Some parts kind of dragged on but it was a great movie and had a great lesson – “Live Live to the Fullest Every Day” – SO true!!!!

No, onto our wedding, a mere 4 years ago 🙂  I don’t have any electronic pictures to upload unfortunately 😦  I wish I did for you guys!  But…..it was a great day!  The weather was absolutely perfect – 72 degrees and sunny with a slight overcast (great for pictures).  We had 5 couples stand up and they were in purple dresses (my favorite color back then….now it’s green).  I had a gorgeous strapless dress and all the girls were in strapless dresses as well.  The guys were in black tuxes, and they had canes and top hats for the reception!!  🙂  The made the BEST pictures!!!  And we all wore our sunglasses so the pictures are all pretty cool and hilarious!  I danced almost to every single song!!!!  I think I only missed 3 songs the whole night and those were probably because I was in the bathroom.  I know that normally you’re supposed to mingle with everyone on your wedding day because they came there to see YOU on your big day….Well I did some of that too, but I just could not stay off the dance floor!  Seriously 🙂  I had flip flops on the whole day/night because I wanted to be comfy.  Actually all the girls were in flip flops 🙂  I danced “our first dance” on Chad’s toes 🙂  That’s “our thing” I guess you could see.  I’m not sure if he prefers it, but he puts up with it – LOL.  Hmm….what else…..I had purple, cream, and light green flowers.  Georgeous!!!  For centerpieces, we had fishbowls filled with water, and then had green apples floating in them with tealights – it was SO cute – we got a ton of compliments on them and it was all my idea 🙂  For favors we had pretsels dipped in white chocolate and they said “Chad and Melissa TIE the knot – June 19, 2004”.  We had a square cake that was absolutely gorgeous.  Alright, that’s about it without pictures 🙂


Onto the food 🙂

 I was prepared and did some prep work the night before, and made a mock Egg McMuffin with 3 egg whites, a light English Muffin, and 1 oz of LF Cheddar cheese.  I was so mad – I forgot my morningstar breakfast patty at home 😦  bummer!

And a snack (nectarine – of course)…

I was really ahead of the game this week 🙂  On Sunday, I prepared a few things ahead of time for meals so we could just “grab and go” when we needed too.  I find that one of the easiest things to do this with, is taco meat.  Not only is it quick to make, but it stores for almost a week and is almost better reheated because the flavors can sit overnight!  I made mine with 93% FF Ground Turkey, and put it on a WW Tortilla with lettuce and RF Cheese.  The only bad thing about transporting this, is it’s hard to take extra toppings (tomato, onions, taco sauce, etc).  Still delish though!!

I didn’t need a snack today because I was leaving right after work to meet Chad for our picnic.  We went to the same place that I got a sandwich from last week and was raving about – Emy J’s.  It’s was Chad’s first time there and he loved it as well!  I got a sandwich that included smoked turkey, gouda cheese, red onion, tomato, and a cranberry mustard – the star ingredient!!!  SOOOOO yummy!  On the side I had a pickle and some kettle chips.  Oh, and diet root beer – a perfect drink for a picnic 🙂

Afterwards we went and fed the ducks – it was so much fun!  There were some baby ducklings who we made sure got some bread in their tummies 🙂

On the way home, like I said, we stopped for ice cream.  I made two good moves – got a SMALL size (! – hard for me to do!) and got the dole whip.  I made one bad but tasty move – got the Turtle Cheesecake flavor….this guy had pecans, chocolate, carmel, and chunks of New York cheesecake!!!  HELLO!!!!!!  I didn’t take a picture because we were watching the movie and I just kind of scarfed it down 🙂  I’m sure you don’t blame me!!!

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!


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In the morning I always listed to the radio while I’m getting ready….it’s probably a bad idea because for some reason it makes me take longer to get ready, but I need the human interaction in the morning.  Well this morning, it was just insane.  All they were talking about is all the major roads in southern Wisconsin being closed.  It was just crazy!  I live in central Wisconsin, and we’re just north of the Wisconsin Dells.  Some of you may have heard about this on the news, but a huge manmade lake (Lake Delton) was drained this past week and flooded the nearby town.  It washed away some huge houses as well.  You can view the clips on CNN – it is just horrible to see!  It was where the Tommy Bartlett water ski show always took place if you’ve ever heard of it.  We actually have 2 really good friends that used to water ski there so it was just horrifying to hear!

On top of that, because of yesterdays torrential rains, there are so many cities and roads in southern Wisconsin that are now flooded…..from where I live, you can’t even get down to Madison or Milwaukee on the Highways!  It is just so weird to hear your area talked about on the national news!!!  Weird and scary!  My thoughts and prayers also go out to everyone else who’s been affected by the last week or two of crazy weather, including the Boy Scout camp that was hit by a tornado in Iowa this week 😦  How sad!!!

Anyway…….on to brighter topics!! 🙂  Just so you all are aware, I am OBSESSED, yes OBSESSED with So You Think You Can Dance – the reality dance tv show…..OMG!!!  Love it!  For any of you that don’t watch it, go watch it 🙂  It’s on Fox on Wednesday and Thursdays.  Now, for any of you that DO watch the show….don’t tell me what’s been happening.  I have 3 shows to catch up on that are DVR’d and waiting to be watched 🙂  Since Chad has softball Thursday nights, I’m behind but will hopefully catch up this weekend….hopefully!

Wow, I have a lot to say today!  The list continues! 🙂  I am SO happy to report that I had weigh-in for WW yesterday and I am down to 124!!!!!  I am SO excited!  I’ve been to the 125 and 127 mark SO many times and plateau out so I was SO happy to see that number!!!!!!  I’ve got to keep on trecking because I’m still not at my goal, but I’m inching in on it!! 🙂

And last but not least before I finally get to FOOD……a lot of you have been asking about “my designs”  🙂  I like saying that!  Everything was from Uppercase Living.  You can custom order letters/words and make your own stuff, which is what I did…..the company is similar to Pampered Chef, Partylite, or Tastefully Simple, etc….where you have a demonstrator come in and do a party and place an order.  I wish you all lived by me – I’m having a party in July so I can order more stuff to make!! 🙂  I LOVE it!

Okay…..now for the FOOD 🙂

Breakfast – 1/2 cup oatmeal made the night before on the stove with 1 cup water and 1/2 banana.  SO good – tasted just like with milk because it was made on the stove.  Drizzled with SF Maple Syrup and 1 Tbsp PB 🙂

Mid-morning Snack – 12 oz FF Latte with SF Caramel

BEST, BEST, BEST LUNCH EVER!!!!! – I decided to try out this little hippy sandwich shop that I’ve heard rave reviews on and have been wanting to try for like a year.  OMG, it was A.mazing!!!!  I got a chicken, pesto, provolone sandwich on toasted multigrain bread (!!) with a side salad and their homemade vinagrette – Everything was SO delicious!  I was actually moaning as I was eating it at my desk!  🙂  It was that good!!!  And look how cute they packaged the sandwich 🙂

and unwrapped….



SUPPER – All I can say is WOW!  I tried something quick and new for us….I picked up some of those Bertolli refrigerated Tortellini (sp??) pasta things (filled with chicken, and sweet Italian sausage), topped it with some marinara sauce (marinara with Burgundy wine!!), and some garlic bread on the side……it was SO good!  It was the second meal of the day where I ate “oohing” and “ahhing” 🙂 

 and of course, DESSERT!!!!!  I had a bowl of frozen FF Cool Whip topped with FRESH RASPBERRIES!!! 🙂

Another WOW eating experience 🙂

What a great day!!!

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Still Itchin……

OMG, I itch SOOOOOO bad!  Honestly, my body is just covered with huge mosquito bites!  I don’t know what it is this year!  I always get bit by them because they must love my blood, but this year has been horrible!  Honestly, in the middle of the day yesterday I got 3 more!!!!  What is going on????

Anyway ….. 🙂

My breakfast yesterday was SOOOOO good.  I did my apple oatmeal with 1 cored/peeled/diced apple cooked in the microwave first and then add 1/2 cup oats and 3/4 cup water (and of course – CINNAMON!) 🙂

Breakfast = 3 points

I topped it with SF syrup! 😉  YUMMY!!!  I wish peeling, coring, and dicing up an apple wasn’t so much work!!

Snack was delish as well – FF Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries, blackberries, and some homemade Strawberry Jam!

Snack = 2 points

For lunch it was time for a leftover Spinach Chicken brat from what we grilled on Sunday.  I am in love with these!  I didn’t want to have it on a boring old bun, so I cut it up and put it on 3 small toasted WW pitas!  OMG, this was so incredibly good!  I loved the combo!!!!!

Lunch = 4 points

Snack was some leftover Oatmeal Creme Brulee I made this weekend…..I LOVE this stuff!  I can’t get enough of it 🙂  Sadly, this is my last piece.


Snack = 3 points

For supper I did something a little different.  I had my 1/2 piece of leftover grilled chicken and didn’t know what to do with it.  Solution: salad!  The only downside was that for lettuce, all we had in the house was a head of iceberg!  It’s funny because this is all I used to eat, and now I hate it on a salad….no taste what-so-ever!!  Oh well, it was still a good salad overall.  To it, I added dried cranberries, dried strawberries, and dried cherries, and a LF Raspberry dressing.  On the side, I had fresh pineapple and sugar snap peas.  It didn’t seem like enough so I had a slice of light buttered bread on the side 🙂

Supper = 9 points

I even got to the gym after work, but I was SO itchy that I couldn’t work out!  Seriously, it was THAT bad!  Instead I just sat on the stationary bike for 30 minutes and did a light cardio workout – better than nothing!  And after supper I took Baylee to the dog park for an hour and a half!  Not bad, not bad! 🙂

Total for today = 21 points

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And we’re off!!!

Well my “new start” is off to a great start!! 🙂  Wednesday went really well eating-wise and exercise-wise!  I can do this!!!

I am needing to use up the rest of the wheatberries I cooked this weekend so in my breakfast it went again!! 🙂  It’s not too much of a burden though – I love the chew and texture it gives to my oatmeal!  Today I decided to do 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup RF vanilla soy milk, 1/4 cup wheatberries, cinnamon, and one of those teeny cute little boxes of raisins!  I absolutely LOVE raisins in oatmeal!!!  Well, I love raisins in anything, but especially oatmeal!

Trust me, it tasted better than it looks!

Breakfast = 315 calories

Snack was simple and easy – a defrosted Vitamuffin.  I really love these things!  They’re so easy and healthy and filling!  This one was AppleBerry Bran – my favorite!!

Snack = 100 calories

This morning I had NO clue what to pack for lunch and didn’t have the time to sit and decide, so I made up my mind and decided to do a PB&J sandwich since I had some Homemade Strawberry Jam thawed out in the fridge at work.  I haven’t had a classic PB&J sandwich for a long time!  My picture looks kind of funny because I couldn’t decide if I wanted the sandwich on bread or toast, so I decided to do one piece of each! 🙂  Problem solved!

My day is going fairly fast – I love that!  It helps knowing that we have an extended weekend coming up with the holiday!!!  And, as of now they’re predicting great weather (70’s and sunny) so I am hoping it stays that way!

For a snack, I decided to finally make my “Apple Pie Enchilada”!!!  I will post the recipe sometime today!  But for now, here’s a sneak preview 🙂

Snack = 175 calories

After work it was time to hit the gym.  I was somewhat nervous because I haven’t been lifting weights as often lately – I’ve been doing more cardio with trips to the dog park because it’s been so nice outside and it gives Baylee the exercise she desperately needs 🙂  Since it was a gorgeous day outside, I decided to leave my car at work and WALK to the gym!!  It’s about a 15 minute walk so it was a great warm up to my workout!!  I got there and did about 30 minutes of weights, and then took a loooong way back to my car.  The total workout was about 75 minutes.

Workout = 310 calories burned

I was looking forward to supper ALL DAY LONG!  I knew what I was going to be making but have never done it before – Chicken Parmesan.  SO easy I don’t know why I haven’t!!

Basically, all I did was first bake some chicken breasts until they were cooked through.  I then placed them in a baking dish, and added a can (I used Hunt’s) of spaghetti sauce.  I baked that for another 10 minutes or so until the sauce was hot.  After it was hot, I added about 1/4 cup of LF Mozarella cheese on top of each chicken breast.  Meanwhile, I cooked some WW Angel Hair Pasta.  I took about 3/4 cup of pasta and placed a chicken breast on top.  Ta Da!  With it, I made some Joseph Champione (sp?) Light Garlic Bread and whipped up a salad with fresh blueberries and blackberries!  It was SO good!  Chad even commented like 4 times while we were eating how good it was!  That’s always a good sign 🙂

Supper = 425 calories

We then took Baylee for a walk together.

Walk = 110 calories burned


TOTAL eaten = 1315 Calories

TOTAL burned = 420 Calories

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Advance Apology

I am going to apologize in advance for my bad post that I am about to submit 🙂  It is lacking in pictures because I definitely ate a lot more than what I have pictured.  This weekend and my horrible eating put a huge damper on my mood, efforts, etc so I ate today to make up for it…..hmm, can anyone tell me why I’m not achieving my weight loss goals???  gee!!!!  😦  oh well.  Tomorrow is a NEW day!!

My day:

Breakfast started out on the right track.  I had 1 1/2 Thomas 100 calorie English Muffins.  Why the extra 1/2?  Because it was sitting in my fridge and needed to be used up.  I topped 1 with smooth PB, 1 with homemade strawberry jam, and 1 with crunchy PB and homemade jam 🙂

Afterwards, I just wasn’t satisfied.  I think it had a lot to do with me being so tired……this weekend was so crazy, rushed, and busy, and then Monday my mom and I spent the WHOLE entire day outside working on landscaping, gardening, pruning trees, etc.  I got to bed late and didn’t get much sleep – it is definitely true that you eat more when you are sleep deprived!  yikes…..

So I had about 3 handfuls of Quaker Oatmeal Squares.

At lunch, the unsatisfied feeling continued….I tried a new Lean Pocket.  I don’t know the exact name, but it’s something with chicken, spinach, and artichokes???  I was SOOOO excited to try this because it sounded right up my alley!  Unfornately, it was not good…….I mean, it was okay, but just okay.  I definitely would not purchase this again.

After that, I had chocolate, popcorn, a pudding cup…. 🙂  the list goes on.  I also had to drive up to Wausau again to get something fixed on my car, and since I get SO sleepy in the car AND am sleep deprived, I needed something!  Solution: Grande Skinny Iced Mocha

Afterwards, it was time to head to my home church that I went to growing up.  It is right next door (literally!) to my parents’ house and they were having a Mother/Daughter Banquet so we all went to that – it was myself, my mom, my sister and my niece (Jaicee), and my sister-in-law and my niece (Addison).  It was so much fun hanging with the ladies 🙂  It was a potluck meal where all the ladies brought in salads of different kinds (pasta, crab, tuna, lettuce, jello, etc) and desserts.  I had a LOT to eat but those situations are really hard for me because of the variety….unfortunately there’s really nothing that doesn’t appeal to me so I usually have to try almost everything 🙂  and I did!

**Sorry, no pics.  I intentionally brought my camera but forgot it in the car!**

So…….after the last 4 days (Saturday-Tuesday) of really crappy eating, it’s time to get back on track!  I feel like a bloated piggie! 🙂

~Tomorrow is a new day!!!!

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Change of Heart

So, I had a change of heart today.  I like softball again!! 🙂  I’ll explain later….

Breakfast was a new variation on something I’ve done for years.  I’ve made “apple enchiladas” (recipe coming soon) before but have never added the apple mixture to anything else.  Today I decided to add it to oatmeal!!  It was delicious!!!!!

All I did was took an apple and after coring and peeling, sliced it up in really small chunks.  Then just add cinnamon and a tad of splenda, and microwave for about 3 minutes – until they’re getting soft.  I then added 1/2 cup rolled oats and 3/4 cup water.  Then microwave again like normal oatmeal – 3 minutes or so.  That’s it!!!!!!  It was really, really good and filling!!!  I also stopped on the way to work and got a Medium FF SF Coffee Toffee Latte!  mmmmmm

Breakfast = 5 points

I knew I was doing an earlier lunch so I made it through my morning without a snack.  I was SOOOOO excited for lunch and it couldn’t come fast enough – my sister has Tuesday’s and Thursday’s off to be with their 2 kids, Jaicee (almost 5) and Jorey (2).  Today they decided to come to my town (40 minutes from their house) and play at a local kid’s place, and then meet Chad and I for lunch!  We have a really nice McDonald’s where we leave so the kids wanted to go their to go in their playland 🙂  We had so much fun – I wish I had more time for lunch because I didn’t get to spend much time with them!  Of course since we were at McDonald’s I had to get my good ‘ole Southwest Chicken Salad (w/ Grilled Chicken).  I used 1/2 of the dressing packet.

Lunch = 8 points

And of course I had to take a picture of the fam 🙂  Here is my sister and I:

And here are Jorey and Jaicee in playland 🙂

 They are SO much fun!  We just love them to pieces!  I also have a brother and they have two kids as well – also a boy and a girl!  It’s really neat because they’re almost the same ages.  They have Riley who is almost 5 and Addison who is about 19 months.  Right now being an aunt and uncle is just perfect for us 🙂

Later for an afternoon snack, I had an orange.  I couldn’t believe it, but this fueled me through the evening until I ate at about 8:30 (after the softball game).

Snack = 1 point

After work, I took Baylee for a quick 30 minute walk.  In reality it turned into about 50 minutes though because now that it’s nice outside and there are SO many people out, it’s getting harder and harder to walk her because she wants to greet everyone and play with all the dogs we see.  Then, she gets so pooped from the head that the collar choking her from pulling, that she lays down on lawns along the way!  And when she does this, I CANNOT get her up!  Seriously, it’s so embarrassing.  I used to think it was cute, but now it’s getting to be bothersome because it takes forever!!!

After we got back, I quick rushed to Chad’s softball game.  It was a lot of fun!  Unfortunately they lost again but since it’s their first year playing and most of them haven’t played for years, it’s not all that surprising.  But, it’s SO much fun to watch!  🙂

Here is a pic of the team’s groupies:

I’m second from the left with the softball shirt on 🙂  It’s so fun to watch it with the wives and girlfriends!  The only bad thing is our guys get crabby when they play bad 😦

And here’s the team:

Chad is the guy right under the “1” sign.

By then I was getting pretty hungry, so I went home to have Baylee out a while before bedtime, and have some supper.  I just reheated leftover Lo Mein.

Supper = 7 points

Total for today = 21 points


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I think that from now on I’ll mostly be posting once a day – for the entire day before.  Unfortunately my system works better at work then at home, so this just seems to work out better.

I started yesterday out having the same breakfast as the day before, but with an entirely different result.  On Tuesday, my Oatmeal Creme Brulee only lasted in my tummy for 2 hours?!?!?  Crazy, I know!  Maybe it was boredom hunger, I have no clue, but I needed my first snack around 9:30.  Yesterday however, it lasted me until 1:00!!!!  WEIRD!  Hey, I’m not complaining though 🙂  It did help that I had a homemade Iced FF SF Vanilla latte I suppose, but still……

Breakfast (this with an unpictured latte)= 6 points

I think it also helped that I was busy – I had a couple of meetings and went home for lunch to take care of Baylee.  When I got back, I wasn’t overly starving and it was 1:00!  I love that 🙂  It was leftovers for lunch, which I could not wait for!  I even liked it better as leftovers than the night I made it!  I think it gave time for all the flavors to sit together and the noodles were more like what you’d get at a Chinese Restaurant!  MMM!  On the side was an orange.

Lunch = 7 points

Then it was time for snack.  I love my afternoon snack time 🙂  Not only do I get to fuel my body again, but it means my work day is 3/4 over!  A wonderful feeling!  For snack I tried something new and somewhat unintentional.  I bought a new LF pudding that sounded and looked SO good!  Cinnamon flavor!  (I’ll take a pic of the carton soon to show you guys)  I loooove cinnamon stuff!  When I opened it for my snack, I was somewhat surprised and disappointed.  Apparently it’s not just pudding, it’s a rice pudding!  So I was disappointed because it wasn’t what I was expecting, but luckily I love rice pudding (kind of like a tapioca).  And it was DELISH!!!!  SO good!  I paired it with an apple to get some more fruit and calories in.

I love to slice my apples really thin so it feels like you’re getting a lot more!

Snack = 3 points

After work, I went to the dog park with Baylee.  I didn’t count the laps, but we were there for about 2 hours so I’m assuming I got 6 laps in or so (4.8 miles).

Supper was something new for me…..it’s really not original AT ALL, but I have never done it before.  I took 2 slices of Light WW Bread, some LF cheese, and some deli turkey and did a grilled cheese sandwich with turkey in it.  I told you, not original, but I’ve never done it with turkey!  I’ve done it with ham a few times, and wasn’t crazy about it for some reason, even though I LOVE grilled ham and cheese restaurants.  Well let me tell you, this was SOOOO good and totally hit the spot!  I couldn’t stop going “mmmmmm” while I was eating.  I’m sure Chad was like okay, enough already!  I made Chad a casserole which I had originally planned on eating too, but once I figured out the points it was too high for me, so he gets the whole thing to himself!  It was delish though – really, really good.  You’ll see a bite of it on my plate because I wanted to make sure it was good.  I also had a side salad with dried cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, and cherries and a LF Raspberry Dressing.  (Sorry there are bites out of my food – I had to recharge my battery until it had enough juice, so I needed to start eating in the meantime!)

Supper = 5 points

Total for today = 21 points

**I am officially “back on track” and feeling great about it!!**


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