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Still Itchin……

OMG, I itch SOOOOOO bad!  Honestly, my body is just covered with huge mosquito bites!  I don’t know what it is this year!  I always get bit by them because they must love my blood, but this year has been horrible!  Honestly, in the middle of the day yesterday I got 3 more!!!!  What is going on????

Anyway ….. 🙂

My breakfast yesterday was SOOOOO good.  I did my apple oatmeal with 1 cored/peeled/diced apple cooked in the microwave first and then add 1/2 cup oats and 3/4 cup water (and of course – CINNAMON!) 🙂

Breakfast = 3 points

I topped it with SF syrup! 😉  YUMMY!!!  I wish peeling, coring, and dicing up an apple wasn’t so much work!!

Snack was delish as well – FF Vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries, blackberries, and some homemade Strawberry Jam!

Snack = 2 points

For lunch it was time for a leftover Spinach Chicken brat from what we grilled on Sunday.  I am in love with these!  I didn’t want to have it on a boring old bun, so I cut it up and put it on 3 small toasted WW pitas!  OMG, this was so incredibly good!  I loved the combo!!!!!

Lunch = 4 points

Snack was some leftover Oatmeal Creme Brulee I made this weekend…..I LOVE this stuff!  I can’t get enough of it 🙂  Sadly, this is my last piece.


Snack = 3 points

For supper I did something a little different.  I had my 1/2 piece of leftover grilled chicken and didn’t know what to do with it.  Solution: salad!  The only downside was that for lettuce, all we had in the house was a head of iceberg!  It’s funny because this is all I used to eat, and now I hate it on a salad….no taste what-so-ever!!  Oh well, it was still a good salad overall.  To it, I added dried cranberries, dried strawberries, and dried cherries, and a LF Raspberry dressing.  On the side, I had fresh pineapple and sugar snap peas.  It didn’t seem like enough so I had a slice of light buttered bread on the side 🙂

Supper = 9 points

I even got to the gym after work, but I was SO itchy that I couldn’t work out!  Seriously, it was THAT bad!  Instead I just sat on the stationary bike for 30 minutes and did a light cardio workout – better than nothing!  And after supper I took Baylee to the dog park for an hour and a half!  Not bad, not bad! 🙂

Total for today = 21 points


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Tide Me Over

Around 3:00 I needed a little pick me up, so I had a salad with a tuna mixture on top.  Whenever we’re home and need to use the can opener for something, our cat, Cashmere, goes absolutely NUTS!!!!  Meowing like crazy and buttering up to us.  She always assumes we’re opening tuna 🙂  So last night she was going crazy and I felt bad, so I opened tuna for her.  I decided to save half of the can for myself 😉  I put it on top of my salad, along with chopped up carrots, cucumber, and balsamic dressing.  With it I cut up a mango – one of my ALL TIME favorite fruits!  I love all fruit, but especially mango, pineapple, and bananas!!!!

I also snuck in a 15 minute walk – it was still raining out so I ran to the little mall right next to where I work so I could get some movement in during the day!  (I sit all day long in an office job so my legs just scream for me to get up and walk around!)

Snack = 4 points

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Shining Sun = Happy Melissa

Good Afternoon!  I went home for my lunch break today to let out our dog – Baylee.  I try to do this twice a week or so to give my husband a break!  Guess what?  I actually had to put my AC on in my vehicle!!  That is the first time this year!  Actually, I put it on and then I got cold, turned it off and was roasting, turned it on, etc and that happened about 4 times 🙂

Anyway, I actually remembered my camera so I took a pic of my lunch – but still don’t know how to post pictures so I’ll add the pic later.  And here’s an FYI for 3/4 of my meals – they’re not pretty….I eat breakfast, lunch, and most snacks at work and my only option is paper plates.  Not cool.  I tried bringing my own nice place in a while ago, but it made SO much noise in a quiet office atmosphere!  So, the plate went home with me and back to paper plates it was 😦  Oh well, I try to bring in REAL forks and spoons to “treat” myself!  HA!

Oh that’s right…onto lunch.  I had leftover baked cod with leftover sweet potato fries, along with a salad.  On the salad I put blackberries and dried cranberries!!  LF Raspberry dressing to top it off.  YUM!  Putting fruit is something new to me, but I’m addicted!  It makes them SOOO GOOD!  Try it.  NOW!  Also, my husband (Chad) and I are huge seafood fans so you’ll see it quite a bit.  For this cod dinner, all we did was coated it with Italian bread crumbs and baked it in the oven.

OH!  And I wanted to shout a huge “CONGRATS” to Ali from the Biggest Loser!  I am in love with that show and was in shock the whole time about how much Ali ROCKS!!!!! 

Lunch = 5 points / 215 calories

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