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YAY for MAY!

Okay, so far I am LOVING May!  Here’s why:

  • The scale was my friend at Weight Watchers.  I lost .2 pounds.  Okay, not a huge loss, but it was a loss when I totally expected to see a gain!  I was pumped!
  • We did it!!!  You know how I said we set a grocery budget of $250 for April?  We did it!  BARELY…I mean to the dime!  But we did it!
  • Because April is over, that means I got to grocery shop!  🙂  Finally!  I didn’t get a ton – just the essentials to get me by until this weekend but it felt SO good!
  • The weather is nice outside.  Windy, but warm so that’s good at least.  The next few days are going to be rainy, but it’s better than the cold and the “S word”….(S**W)

For lunch I had my good ‘ole sardines with saltines 🙂  I love these things!

Here’s a shot of the package these guys were in:

For a PM snack, it was good ‘ole Cliff Z Brownie Bar!  MMMM!

Now I’m off to get in a good workout at the gym, then wolf down a quick supper so I can get to Chad’s softball practice.


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