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A New Fave!

Today, a miracle happened!  I wasn’t hungry for an afternoon snack!  OMG 🙂  I still decided to have one around 4:30 though, just because I knew we wouldn’t be eating supper until at least 6:30, and I didn’t want to become hungry at home because that’s usually when I run into problems.  I decided to have a 100 calorie bag of Kettle Corn.  I love this stuff!  My favorite part is that it takes a long time to eat and you can just sit and much and much, and you’re still only consuming 100 calories!!

Since I got done with work at 5 today, I skipped the gym (thank you morning walk for allowing me to do so!!!) and went home.  Chad wasn’t home until 6 so I took Baylee outside and played, while we practiced staying in the yard!  We played frisbee and ate plants….it was a good time!   She left the yard twice but it wasn’t too bad, so all in all it was a successful training session.  The funniest part is that whenever birds fly by, she doesn’t realize how high they are so she “chases” them and jumps up to grab them.  As of today, she has been unsuccessful at catching one.  Poor pup!

Now, onto the good stuff.  Supper.  YUMMMMO!!!  Yep, that’s right: YUMMO!  🙂  I tried a new concoction and made Shrimp Pesto. 

I just made Whole Wheat Noodles, sauteed some shrimp, and then whipped up the Pesto seasoning recipe from Tastefully Simple!  It was SOOO good.  Very, very easy as well!  On the side I just took Whole Wheat Hamburger bun and sprayed them with Pam, sprinkled on Garlic Salt, and baked them for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees.  (My WW leader taught me this Garlic Bread trick and it is awesome and very low cal!).

Afterwards, I took Baylee for another 50 minute walk.  Usually Chad does the evening walk with her but I took tonight – he’s going to be alone with her a couple upcoming nights so I gave him a break.  Aren’t I the best wife EVER????  🙂


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