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I’m in LOVE….

….with this weather!!  It is 70 degrees and sunny!  MMMMM…..I wish instead of getting my car fixed I could just bask in it all day long!  If only….

My lunch was perfect for the day!  While at the store yesterday, I was in the mood for a turkey sandwich so I bought some fresh deli turkey.  I had it on a light WW bun today with a little smear of Light Smart Balance, and a little LF Cheddar cheese.  It was really, really good and light and refreshing!  It made me wish I had bought much more turkey!!!!  I also had some Kashi crackers on the side for crunch factor.

I had brought some strawberries to have with lunch, but decided to save them for my looooong drive to the car dealership!  It keeps me busy – I don’t know why but I get so tired when I drive on the Hwy!  Or on country roads!  I hate it.  Most of my family is like that so I wonder if it’s something genetic??


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