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Goal Accomplished!!!

So, we had our 5k this weekend!!!!  (hence the lacking in posts – we were out of town for basically 3 days)…  it went SOOO great!!!!!  Oh my gosh, it was amazing!  Since it was also a qualifying event for the Boston Marathon, it was so busy, exciting, etc.  It was so great seeing all the people that put fitness as a top priority!

The best part?  I was able to run the WHOLE thing!!!  I went into it hoping I could run the whole thing but thinking I’d have to walk most of it because of my knee, and the fact that I hadn’t run in 3-4 weeks because of my knee.  But, to my surprise, I ran the whole thing!  It helped because Chad was at my side – since he’s 6′ tall and has legs that go on forever, he could have easily ran ahead and met me at the finish line, but he didn’t! – as well as one of my best friends, my old college roomie!  She just got back from Oregon 2 weeks ago where she ran her first MARATHON!!!!  I am so proud of her and couldn’t wait for her running ability to wear off on me!  🙂

It was just SO exciting being there!  Honestly, I can’t even describe the feeling!  And I just thought the whole process was really, really cool – getting a bib, getting a time chip (had NO clue about this), registering, etc. 

One of the coolest parts was afterwards, watching the marathon runners come in.  AMAZING!  There were people from Kenya, Ethiopia, etc and that was just unbelievable!  The guy that took first in the marathon averaged a 5:00 mile!!!!! WOW!  That is a full out sprint for me – imagine doing a WHOLE marathon that fast!  Geez 🙂

I was SO proud of Chad as well – he didn’t do any training for the 5k and also was able to run the whole thing!  I normally wouldn’t recommend that, but it was great to see him running along side me the whole way!!!

Also, it was so AMAZING and INCREDIBLE to run through Lambeau Field!!!!!  I’ve been to 2 Packer Games there before, but never obviously down on the field!  In Wisconsin, football is SO huge it’s not even funny.  Of course not 100% of Wisconsinites are Packer fans, but probably like 99.9% at least 🙂

Chad and I set our next goal: running a half marathon!  I’m not sure if my shin splints and my knee will cooperate, but we’ll see!  🙂


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