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Tide Me Over

Around 3:00 I needed a little pick me up, so I had a salad with a tuna mixture on top.  Whenever we’re home and need to use the can opener for something, our cat, Cashmere, goes absolutely NUTS!!!!  Meowing like crazy and buttering up to us.  She always assumes we’re opening tuna 🙂  So last night she was going crazy and I felt bad, so I opened tuna for her.  I decided to save half of the can for myself 😉  I put it on top of my salad, along with chopped up carrots, cucumber, and balsamic dressing.  With it I cut up a mango – one of my ALL TIME favorite fruits!  I love all fruit, but especially mango, pineapple, and bananas!!!!

I also snuck in a 15 minute walk – it was still raining out so I ran to the little mall right next to where I work so I could get some movement in during the day!  (I sit all day long in an office job so my legs just scream for me to get up and walk around!)

Snack = 4 points


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