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Friday Fish Delight

Most Fridays we try to have some sort of fish for our supper.  Growing up in Wisconsin, it’s tradition.  Wisconsin is mostly famous for their wonderful, tasty “Fish Fry” which is usually haddock or cod coated in beer batter (it IS Wisconsin afterall) and deep fried.  This is served along with french fries or potato salad.  Well, I’ve mentioned how much Chad and I love seafood.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to go out every Friday for a Friday Fish Fry, but it is an unhealthy as it sounds!  So, we’ve basically just brought that home and do it in a healthy way.  For tonight’s meal, I took frozen cod fillets from Sam’s Club, and thawed them out.  I then just spray them with cooking spray, and coat with Italian Breadcrumbs and bake.  That’s it.  Only 150 calories!!  Chad’s however has a little more – he forgoes the breadcrumbs and instead pours on a bunch of melted butter!  Delicious I’m sure, but I feel bad for his poor little clogging arteries 😦 

On the side I made Uncle Ben’s long grain chicken & wild rice, roasted asparagus, and a single serve steam in the bag sweet peas.  Wonderful, well balanced, tasty meal!

On to our second Friday tradition.  About 3 weeks ago, Chad, Baylee, and I started to walk to our local ice cream place that just opened back up for the season.  It’s about a 5 mile walk roundtrip so I feel better about it.  Plus they serve Dole Whip there!  For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s a low cal alternative to soft serve. 

Tonight we needed to drive there because it was 45 degrees and pouring, but it was fun and tasty nonetheless.  I get a small vanilla, with strawberries, banana, and coconut!  MMMMMM!

For a workout tonight I decided to skip the gym!!  I didn’t even feel guilty because it was the first time I’ve done this in about a month!  Instead I went home and did a workout tape – 3 mile Walk Away the Pounds.  We also took Baylee for a 30 minute walk in the RAIN AND COLD!  That’s dedication!


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Shining Sun = Happy Melissa

Good Afternoon!  I went home for my lunch break today to let out our dog – Baylee.  I try to do this twice a week or so to give my husband a break!  Guess what?  I actually had to put my AC on in my vehicle!!  That is the first time this year!  Actually, I put it on and then I got cold, turned it off and was roasting, turned it on, etc and that happened about 4 times 🙂

Anyway, I actually remembered my camera so I took a pic of my lunch – but still don’t know how to post pictures so I’ll add the pic later.  And here’s an FYI for 3/4 of my meals – they’re not pretty….I eat breakfast, lunch, and most snacks at work and my only option is paper plates.  Not cool.  I tried bringing my own nice place in a while ago, but it made SO much noise in a quiet office atmosphere!  So, the plate went home with me and back to paper plates it was 😦  Oh well, I try to bring in REAL forks and spoons to “treat” myself!  HA!

Oh that’s right…onto lunch.  I had leftover baked cod with leftover sweet potato fries, along with a salad.  On the salad I put blackberries and dried cranberries!!  LF Raspberry dressing to top it off.  YUM!  Putting fruit is something new to me, but I’m addicted!  It makes them SOOO GOOD!  Try it.  NOW!  Also, my husband (Chad) and I are huge seafood fans so you’ll see it quite a bit.  For this cod dinner, all we did was coated it with Italian bread crumbs and baked it in the oven.

OH!  And I wanted to shout a huge “CONGRATS” to Ali from the Biggest Loser!  I am in love with that show and was in shock the whole time about how much Ali ROCKS!!!!! 

Lunch = 5 points / 215 calories

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