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So, everyone jinxed me!  I kept reading on everyone else’s blogs that they had injuries, etc…..and the whole time I was like “Wow, I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me because I’m so active, blah, blah, blah”…..well thanks a lot guys.  You rubbed off on me and now I’m injured!  Once in a great while for the last two years, my knee would hurt if I ran or had to squat down, etc.  Well for the past 2 weeks it’s been getting more and more often.  Now even if I’m sitting and get up it aches.  It honestly feel like by knee bones are rubbing together!  It’s not a muscle pain, but bone on bone pain.  I finally decided to go in today.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but Chad and I signed up to run our first 5k next weekend!  I’m not a natural runner, but I figured it’d give me a goal to shoot for.  On top of that, it’s a run where you actually go through Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI!!!!  (that’s where the Green Bay Packers play and in Wisconsin, football is SUCH a huge deal so we’re gigantic Packer fans!!)  In addition to that, we’re doing Walk Wisconsin which is a full marathon that you walk.  Because of these events coming up, I wanted to make sure that my knee was okay and that I’m not damaging it permanently by running and walking on it.

Well, the doctor had me describe the pain and when I said that it felt like “bone on bone”, she laughed and said she’s sure that’s not the case because I’m way to young (26) and active for that to be happening so early in life.  Then she took a closer look and saw that it was a little soft and swollen, so she figured they’d do an x-ray.  SURE ENOUGH!!!  There is a spot where my patella (knee bone) is rubbing against my femur (thigh bone)!  Plus my patella is crooked and doesn’t “look right” she said.  So, she’s referring me to an Orthopedist who will probably be doing an MRI to make sure I don’t need surgery!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe she threw the S-word at me!!!!  So, keep your fingers crossed.  I go back in next Monday.  I’ve never had an injury really so this is weird to me!  Luckily she said I can keep up my walking because that shouldn’t irritate it, but I shouldn’t be running 😦  She gave me the okay to run my 5k next weekend (if I physically can!) but probably should keep running more than that after it’s done…..

Okay, so on to bigger and better things:  Food and softball:)

I acidentally deleted my photo from lunch, but I had a turkey sandwich and Kashi crackers and hummus.

Supper had to be quick because I had to get to Chad’s softball game.  I found some leftovers in the freezer that I had totally forgotten about.  Let me tell you, this dish was A.Mazing!!!!!  It was really my first “concoction” in the kitchen where I didn’t use a recipe!  I made it about a month ago and here’s what I did:

  • Satue together green peppers, red peppers, zuccini, and asparagus. 
  • In another pan, saute chicken sausages – I used these artichoke spinach ones that are SOO good!
  • While those are all cooking, make a box of whole wheat rigatoni or penne noodles.
  • Once the veggies are done, add the noodles and chicken sausages.
  • Add 1 can diced tomatoes and about 2 cups of baby spinach.  Cook until hot and the spinach is wilted.

That’s it!  It honestly is SO good, and the leftovers freeze well.  For supper I sprinkled it with LF Parmesan cheese and had 1/2 of a Thomas 100 calorie English Muffin.  YUMMM!


Then it was to Chad’s softball game I went.  Unfortunately they lost, but it was SO much fun to watch!  I sat with the other wives and girlfriends and it was a blast!!!  Chad had a lot of fun playing too so it was a really neat/fun night!

I woke up to a chilly/rainy morning….definitely one of those days where all you want to do is stay in bed!!!  Unfortunately that was not an option so I went for the second best thing on a chilly/rainy morning: Mountain Mudd!!!!  I had that with a bowl of Quaker Oatmeal squares, LF Vanilla Soy Milk, and 1/2 of a banana. 

For some reason, this is the longest a bowl of cold cereal has EVER held me over!!!  I ate breakfast at 7:30 at work, and didn’t have lunch until 1:00 and I was fine!!!  Wow 🙂  I’m sure it helped being at the Doctor’s office and my mind off of food though, and afterwards I went home for lunch and took care of Baylee, so I wasn’t sitting at my desk and bored to tears!

Since my supper last night was SO yummy (and the fact that I didn’t really have anything else quick to grab this morning when I left the house) I had another thing of my leftover pasta concoction.  Unfurtunately it was my last reserve!  But it was just as yummy today, again with an English Muffin.

Just a couple hours left of work, then on to the gym for some quick weights.  Afterwards, I have a Purse Party to go to!!!!  YAY 🙂



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Busy Day

Today is going to be a pretty busy day/evening for me.  I need to take a 1/2 day from work (aw darn!) and go get my car worked on.  It’s a 45 minute drive unfortunately so I’ve been putting it off.  After that is complete, I’m making a trip to Sam’s Club!  I can’t wait because they have the best fresh fruit and it’s pretty reasonably priced.

Breakfast was yummy, but boring…..same as yesterday.  I’m storing a box of this cereal and a jug of soy milk here at work, so I don’t have to spend time packing it up each morning!  I’m a genious!! 🙂

I also had a FF SF Kahlua Latte this morning.  NO, it is NOT alcoholic!!  🙂  Although at this job, I definitely think it would help me get through the day 😉

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Oh yeah!

So I forgot to tell you guys some great, exciting news!  Friday seems SO long ago so I almost forgot!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before at all or not, but at work we are having what’s called an “Excess Baggage” competition.  It’s geared off of The Biggest Loser, and there are quite a few people in it!  I am one of them because I figured it’d be a good motivator.  Well every other week, they hold drawings and give away some pretty cool prizes!  Well……on Friday, I WON!!!!  I actually won an iPOD shuffle!  How cool is that?!?!?  The only downside is that Chad and I both already have iPOD’s, but this one is SOOOO CUTE that I am tempted to keep it.  I also have some offers from people to buy it, so we’ll see what I decide 🙂  It definitely made my day though!

For breakfast this morning, I had Quaker Oatmeal Squares.  I love these!!  I haven’t bought them in a while because oatmeal was SO good on the cold, Wisconsin mornings.  But now that it’s been a little nicer out, I’ve been in a cereal mood!  I also sliced up 1/2 a banana, and had the rest of it for a mid-am snack.  I also made a homemade Iced FF, SF Kahlua latte!!

It was my day to go home and let Baylee out.  It’s a gorgeous day outside so I decided to try and play frisbee outside with her.  Well, our neighbor was having some people over to fix their garage door, and I’m sure the guys thoroughly enjoyed the show which included me running all over after her in my dress clothes trying to catch her as she escaped our backyard! 

For lunch, I had a Boca Chicken patty on a light wheat bun, along with some LF Cheddar cheese, as well as some Hummus with Kashi crackers.

2 hours left of work………BLAH!

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Tired? Not me!

Okay, I lied…..I’m a little tired.  It was back to working 7-4 today.  I decided to try and have Father Time be on my side and push the limits, only giving myself 45 minutes to take care of Baylee, get ready, pack my lunch, etc.  Well, Baylee instead decided she wanted to give me longer and woke us up at 5:15 😦  WHAT???  Chad graciously offered to take her out and put her back to bed so I could try to sleep another 30 minutes.  Aw!  Thank you husband!!  Unfortunately once I wake up, I’m usually up for good no matter what.  Today was no different.  However, I did fall back asleep I think around 5:35, but was having a good dream when my alarm went off at 5:45.  Darnit!  I hate that because I always want to finish the dream 🙂

Anyway, my breakfast was awesome!  Finally I remembered everything!  Shocker, I know!  Today’s breakfast included: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, vanilla…..and flax and sliced almonds on top.  And of course, a spoonful of PB.

Also, to treat myself for my icky sleep this morning, I stopped at Mountain Mudd for a Tall FF SF Kahlua Latte!  YUM!  I hate spending $3.50 on a coffee drink, but my espresso machine is broken so what else could I do?

P.S. Isn’t my lady bug planter in the background the cutest thing since Hello Kitty?

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Backwards Breakfast

Today is my Weight Watchers day, which also means it’s my backwards breakfast day.  When I got to work, I had a FF SF Soy Iced Vanilla Latte, and a half of a banana – saving the rest for my REAL breakfast after my WW meeting.

I almost cried this morning…..it was a little chilly this morning and I didn’t get much sleep last night due to a crying puppy (have no clue why though), so I was in the mood for a nice hot latte at work.  I went to make it, and my steam attachment isn’t working!!!!!!  OH NO!  I have no clue what’s wrong with it….but I had to make an Iced Latte instead.  It was delish, but now I am absolutely freezing!!!

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It turns out yesterday and last night were exactly what I needed – a relaxing Sunday, a good night’s sleep, and great weather.  We went to bed early last night to try to catch up on some sleep, and it worked!  I woke up this morning feeling refreshed – FINALLY!  Plus, it’s supposed to be 73 degrees today!!!  I’m bummed that I have to work all day, and have commitments all night, but I plan to take a long walk outside at lunch to soak up some rays.

Breakfast this morning was the Hungry Girl pumpkin oats.  I promise, I will find this recipe to post sometime!  It’s really good, easy, and filling!  Again, love anything with Cool Whip on top 🙂  I also made a FF SF Iced Vanilla latte this morning.  It was chilly outside this morning, but knowing that we’d soon be in the 70’s, I was in the mood for a cold drink.

Here’s a closer shot of the oatmeal.  Hopefully the oats and latte will hold me over until lunch!

Breakfast = 4 points

On a side note:  Suprisingly, Baylee was still pooped from her weekend adventure this morning.  She didn’t even chase the cat!!!???  Or eat her breakfast!!!

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Dreary Day, Dreary Mood

Ugh….not a good morning.  Not only did I only get 2 hours of sleep last night (tossing and turning, meowing kitty, snoring husband, etc), but it also dreary and raining today.  Oh well, at least it’s Friday!!  Chip up!  This morning I decided to treat myself to a “real” latte from our local coffee drive through place.  I got a FF SF Almond Latte.  Once I got to work, I took one of the Uncle Sam’s Whole Wheat and Flaxseed Oatmeal packets and nuke it in the microwave with 3/4 c. soy milk and some dried cranberries.  When it was done, I sprinkled 7 grams of mini chocolate chips on top.  OMG!  It was delish!  Why have I not done this before?  So yummy….sorry the pic is blurry, I must have been shaking from the caffeine! 🙂

It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to sneak in my 2 15-minute walks during the day today…..stupid rain!  Oh well, it’s not snow so I’m not going to complain!!!

Breakfast = 6 points

See you for lunch!

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